Biological slugicide: Solabiol ferric phosphate

Biological slugicide: Solabiol ferric phosphate

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Among the enemies of the garden snails are one of the most fearsome. Snails and slugs are widespread everywhere, they appear as soon as a minimum of humidity allows them to come out in the open and in the right conditions they reproduce quickly.

The damage they cause is well known to those who grow vegetables: theirs voracity has no brake and can completely destroy the salads and the young seedlings just transplanted.

Often therefore it is necessary remedy and look for a way to eliminate snails. Among the defense methods allowed in an organic cultivation exists an excellent snail killer bait, made based on ferric phosphate. We find it on the market proposed by SOLABIOL, below we discover how it works and when it is convenient to use it.

Damage of snails and natural remedies

The damage caused by snails is evident: we find bitten garden plants, sometimes almost completely devoured. These gastropods they affect virtually all crops, feeding on the leaves. They are particularly harmful to younger seedlings, even compromising them. Like many garden parasites, snails are a lot fast in reproducing, also counting on the fact that they are hermaphrodite creatures, so any individual can lay eggs.

In many traditional gardens it is used to stem snails the chemical snail killer, based on metaldehyde. As we have already learned about Orto Da Coltivare, it is a particularly poisonous product, which in addition to polluting and contaminating vegetables can be dangerous for children and pets. Unfortunately, in many garden centers this toxic remedy is still recommended, but it must absolutely be avoided.

The natural alternatives there is no shortage, there are various possible methods even at no cost: for example we can do beer traps or barriers with ash. However, these systems require constant application and are not always able to face the threat of snails: the beer eliminates a limited number of individuals and the jars must be monitored and changed often, for the ash a little humidity is enough to frustrate the protection.

L'activity of snails depends on the conditions of humidity and temperature. To limit its spread it may be enough irrigate in the morning instead of in the evening and implement the systems already mentioned (beer and ash). When the infestation is strong, better protection is needed. An excellent solution allowed in organic farming is the ferric phosphate based snail killer.

Ferric phosphate: how it works

The ferric phosphate or ferric orthophosphate is the active ingredient of SOLABIOL lumachicide and it is a salt of natural origin allowed for use in organic farming, also used in contexts of certified organic companies (as per EC regulation 2092/91). Unlike metaldehyde, ferric phosphate it is not toxic for fauna and pets. You can request it in the best garden centers or buy it on Amazon.

The formulation turns out particularly palatable and is therefore capable of attract snails and snails who eat it greedily, thus ingesting orthophosphate. The blue color is specially designed not to attract birds, which could otherwise peck it.

The action on the snail is quick and clean: ferric phosphate inhibits the nutrition of the gastropod, rendering it inappetent and thus leading to death. Unlike other snail killers, orthophosphate does not work by dehydration, so snails that move away once they have eaten from it, do not leave trails of drool.

The ferric phosphate that is not consumed by snails does not pollute because it comes naturally degraded in the ground. This degradation adds microelements useful to plants to the soil. In fact, after some transformations carried out by the microorganisms present in the soil they remain precious particles of iron and phosphorus available to the root system of plants.

When to use the snail killer

Snails and slugs are widespread practically everywhere, they take advantage of the night hours to feed and generally appear as soon as a minimum of humidity allows them to come out. In the winter they are inactive but when temperatures rise we find them eating our lettuces.

Analyzing the climatic conditions we can easily guess i moments most favorable to gastropods: in particular the spring months and early autumn, when temperatures are mild and there is no lack of rains. These are the periods in which SOLABIOL ferric-based snail killer is more favorable because, thanks to its "wet" formulation, the bait in granules is particularly waterproof.

Even if it acts fairly quickly, it pays off use the organic snail killer in a preventive way, to reduce the snail population before it goes to undermine our vegetables. Its role as bait attracts the snails that inhabit the surroundings and eliminates them, if we act in time we can keep the snail population under control, preventing them from proliferating uncontrolled.

As it is a natural substance without toxicity to humans, Solabiol ferric phosphate it has no shortage times and it can also be used near the vegetable harvest.

Methods and quantity of use

Thanks to the high attractive power of the bait and the fast action, SOLABIOL biological snail killer it can be applied both as a preventive measure when the climatic conditions are favorable for the development of gastropods and in an emergency, that is when we notice several active individuals.

There are three methods of application:

  • Gods can be made piles here and there, a useful system for preventive purposes.
  • It can be distributed broadcast between the plants in the garden or in the flower beds, method indicated if the snails are already in action.
  • You can distribute the product along the entire perimeter, forming a sort of anti-snail barrier, recommended to be on the safe side.

There amount of snail killer to be used is variable, in the broadcast distribution they go about 3 or 4 grams per square meter, while if we choose to make a perimeter band they will be needed about 20/25 grams of product per defend a vegetable garden from 100 square meters. With a good preventive use we can use less of it, arranging it in piles, but we must be constant.

The duration of the granules is very variable based on the climate, SOLABIOL lumachicida, thanks to "wet" formulation it is designed for excellent water resistance. To understand if it needs to be renewed, just observe when the granules degrade.

One way to extend the life of the bait is to use Lima Trap devices, which protect SOLABIOL biological snail killer from rain.

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