Defending the garden with natural methods by F. Beldì

Defending the garden with natural methods by F. Beldì

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Here is a really useful manual for those who want to garden by following the rules of organic farming, avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals that can also poison vegetables. It is a book that combines synthesis (it is only 160 pages long) and clarity, so it is understandable without problems even for hobby horticulturists.

From nettle macerate to Bordeaux mixture, this book, published by Terra Nuova Edizioni, gives us the tools to defend our vegetables from insects and diseases.

If there is something wrong with our garden, this manual is of great help in identifying the threat and understanding how to react, thanks to the rich support of images and the structure designed to be easy to consult.

The first chapter lists the main vegetables and shows us the possible problems of each, while the second analyzes specifically each threat to our plants. For each insect or disease, the book provides adequate photographic support, instructions for recognizing symptoms, indications on methods of natural control.

We then move on to examine the practices to prevent, the natural methods that can be self-produced in a simple and economic way and the plant protection products allowed in organic agriculture that can be found on the market, without forgetting the biological control through useful organisms and the traps that can be use to identify and contain parasites.

The author, Francesco Beldì, is an agronomist who has been dealing with organic farming for twenty years, we already knew him for three excellent manuals related to organic themes: biobalcone, my organic orchard and my organic garden (the last two written with Enrico Accorsi), This text confirms a clear but at the same time thorough popularizer.

You can find the manual at this link, with a 15% discount, it will be very useful to create a vegetable garden without poisoning the vegetables with chemicals and without letting insects devour everything.

Strong points of defending the garden with natural methods

  • Extremely clear and concise in its 160 pages
  • Easy to consult: the threats of the garden are divided both by vegetable and by type).
  • Complete in dealing with possible threats and remedies.

To whom we recommend this book on the organic garden

  • To those who want to start growing an organic garden and do not know how to behave in the face of pests and diseases.
  • To those who make organic gardens and are often asked how to defend themselves from some problems.

Book's title: Defending the vegetable garden with natural remedies (phytosanitary, macerated, traps and other organic solutions for growing without poisons).

Author: Francesco Beldì

Publishing house: Terra Nuova Editions, September 2015

Pages: 168 with color photos

Price: 13 euros (buy it HERE with 15% discount).

Our evaluation: 9/10

Review by Matteo Cereda

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